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Cairns solar power is a sustainable, renewable energy solution which you can effectively install at your home, commercial premises or in industrial and agricultural situations. As well as providing environmental benefits, Cairns solar power provides very real cost savings, reducing your bottom line in expenses and emissions.

East Coast Energy Solutions are Cairns’ solar power specialists. We install, repair and maintain quality solar systems for customers located across Queensland’s northern regions, from Cairns to Cooktown, Townsville to the Burdekin and everywhere in between, including remote rural areas. We provide on and off grid solutions and make accessing solar power more affordable than ever, thanks to the Solar As A Service initiative. If you want a solar solution for your property contact us today.

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Power bills are growing every year. If you want to reduce your household expenditure on energy, talk to us about the right solar solution for your home.

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Commercial solar provides real bottom line results from an expenses and environmental perspective. No job too big or small. Contact us today.

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Solar power is sustainable and affordable, for residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural applications. Solar Grid Connect Systems provide a clean, green, reliable power supply solution.

Australia has the capacity to be a world leader in sustainable energy production and supply. As the sunshine state, Queensland is a leader in harnessing the power and potential of solar power.

As well as providing environmental outcomes, solar power provides real dollar and cents savings for customers who invest in it. With energy costs tipped to continue to rise, the financial aspect has never been more important.

High quality solar panel solutions are available right now.


East Coast Energy Solutions provide professional solar power solutions for residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural applications.

Our team of electrical experts have installed hundreds of solar systems across Queensland. We will provide the right advice, equipment and solar system, to deliver the best results for your requirements and property.

Based in Cairns and Townsville, the East Coast Energy Solutions solar team service the Far North and Northern regions of Queensland, including rural and remote properties.

We know the weather and the conditions up here. We’ve got the best equipment and services to deliver sustainable solar energy solutions for you.

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