Go Solar Without Paying For The System

Solar As A Service

This is the most affordable way to enjoy the benefits of solar power at your home or business! We provide the equipment, installation and maintenance, you enjoy the benefits of using renewable solar power with a reduced power bill.

It’s a contract known as Solar As A Service (SAAS) and it’s great for people and businesses that take advantage of solar power during its peak production times. So, businesses, family homes and those with a home office will benefit greatly from SAAS. Contact us today for a free quote and appraisal.

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By removing the cost of the solar system, its installation and maintenance, we’re making clean, green energy more accessible than ever. Contact us today.

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Contact one of our solar specialists to arrange an obligation free inspection of your property and situation. Right advice, provided free of charge.

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East Coast Energy Solutions has a team of experienced electricians who can also assist with other requirements, such as lighting and air-conditioning.

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Solar As A Service (SAAS) is the most affordable way to access solar power at your home or business. How does it work?

  1. Arrange an obligation free inspection. We’ll make sure this is the right solution for your energy usage requirements.
  2. Choose the SAAS contract period that best suits you. Available in 7, 10 or 15 year terms.
  3. Enter into the SAAS agreement and lock in a low solar energy contract rate.
  4. Arrange a time for us to install the solar system at your house.
  5. Start paying for the solar power you generate, at the agreed low energy rate.

Please note the SAAS agreement is not for everyone and is most suitable for households that use a lot of their electricity when the sun is out. You cannot store this energy for later.


East Coast Energy Solutions want solar power to be an affordable and achievable energy source for as many people as possible. That’s why SAAS works.

Breaking it down. You aren’t paying for the actual solar system and we continue to own it, which means we are responsible for its ongoing maintenance and costs.

You use the solar power generated and will pay an agreed, lower energy rate for this power. The solar energy generated from the system can’t be stored for later, so it must be used during the daylight hours. A good arrangement for family households.

East Coast Energy Solutions services customers across Far North and Northern Queensland, including rural and remote areas. For more information on using Solar As A Service, contact Chris on 07 4019 2882 or info@eastcoastenergysolutions.com.au

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