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Cairns electrical switchboard services provided by East Coast Energy Solutions include repairs, updates, maintenance and installations. How do you know if you have a switchboard problem? Are your lights flickering for no apparent reason? If you turn on too many appliances and equipment at the same time, do you blow a fuse or trip a circuit breaker?

If the answer to any of these is ‘yes’, then you have a switchboard problem. Having correctly functioning switchboards, including a safety switch, which became mandatory in all Australian homes in 1990, is essential for the safety of your person and property.

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Many properties in Far North and North Queensland have older style fuse boxes and/or outdated switchboards. We can easily upgrade or repair.

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What’s the difference? An old fuse box contains ceramic fuses, which can be highly dangerous. Modern switchboards have safety switches.

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East Coast Energy Solutions is pleased to offer free quotes and the very best prices for all their electrical and switchboard services. Contact us today.

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Cairns switchboard upgrades, completed by our professional team of experienced electricians, will provide the best electrical performance and protection for your people and property.

Outdated fuse boxes and old switchboards can be very dangerous. Did you know that if you remove an old-style porcelain fuse from a fuse box without replacing it, you could be exposing live terminals? This could lead to electrocution.

All modern switchboards contain a safety switch, which will cut off the power supply if there is a power surge or cabling issue.

If you are experiencing any sort of electrical fault and/or power supply problem at your house, office, shed or factory, call East Coast Energy Solutions for an obligation free quote.


Our team is committed to safe and secure energy supply for all our customers. Electricity is an essential part of our day to day lives, but you should never forget it is also dangerous.

All switchboard upgrades and maintenance should be completed by a qualified, experienced electrician.

East Coast Energy Solutions are the energy professionals and your switchboard specialists. We have personnel based in Cairns and Townsville and service the entire Far North and North Queensland region, including rural and remote areas.

Your safety is our priority.

For more information on our switchboard services, contact Chris on 07 4019 2882 or info@eastcoastenergysolutions.com.au

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